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Seble Asfaw

My name is Seble Asfaw and I am the founder of Misgana African Art. I am an avid African Art liaison, advisor, and curator based in Brooklyn, New York. My passion started with traditional African masks, figures, and textiles. I appreciated the beauty and aesthetic of these pieces but found a deeper connection with them when discovering the intended purpose and use of the artifacts. Over time my fascination brought me to learn more about contemporary African art and how artists access their creativity by tapping into their ancestry of indigenous traditions. This is where I started to bridge the gap between the world of spiritual craftsmanship and contemporary African artists. 


These works have helped me discover deeper truths about the power of my lineage as a black African woman, inspiring me to start Misgana African Art. My intention is to educate collectors on the diversity and significance of African cultural art and artifacts. To begin or form a collection of African art is a process that must be grounded in relationships. Misgana instigates and coordinates one of reciprocal gratitude between the works, their creators, and those who invest in them.

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