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Fang Mask (Gabon)

The Fang mask from Gabon is a striking and symbolic artifact that reflects the significant culture and community of the Fang people. Carved from wood, these masks are characterized by their elongated faces, sharp features, and often exaggerated expressions. Used in various ceremonies and rituals, they serve as powerful symbols of ancestral spirits, protection, and social hierarchy within Fang society.

The Fang people of Gabon are an ethnic group known for their strong sense of identity and traditions. Predominantly inhabiting the forests of central Africa, the Fang have a rich history of art, music, and spiritual practices. They are renowned for their skilled craftsmanship in woodcarving, particularly evident in the intricate designs of their masks and sculptures. With a deep reverence for their ancestors and the natural world, the Fang maintain a close connection to their cultural roots.

22in x 10.5in x 3.5in

Misgana African Art Private Collection

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