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The Misgana ETHOS


At Misgana, our mission is to showcase the purpose, beauty, and aesthetics of traditional African art and objects on a global scale. We recognize that the world of traditional African art can at times be inaccessible due to barriers like cost or accessibility. Yet, we firmly believe that authentic African art should be within reach for everyone. We're rooted in celebrating diverse cultures, traditions, designs, and the meaningful intentions behind each piece. Every product we offer has a rich story, history, and purpose.

Misgana ምስጋና, in the Amharic language of Ethiopia, means gratitude. 


Seble Asfaw


Meet Seble Asfaw, the founder of Misgana African Art.


I'm based in New York City, and as a first-generation Ethiopian, my journey reflects a deep connection to the African continent. It's driven by a genuine desire to share the stories behind the work of traditional craftsmen and artisans. My role as an African Art curator began with a love for traditional masks, figures, and textiles. Delving into their intended purpose deepened my appreciation, inspiring me to blend art, design, and intentional living. At Misgana, our mission is simple – to be a resource and educate collectors about the diverse and meaningful aspects of African traditional art, decor, and design. I invite you to join in celebrating the richness of African cultures, where each piece unravels a unique and vibrant story.

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