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For clients looking to start or build their traditional African art collection and are seeking private advising, contact us at

Misgana African Art
Misgana African Art
Misgana African Art

Art Advising Testimonials 

"Working with Seble [Misgana African Art] to source classical African art was an awesome experience. Her deep understanding of the cultural significance behind each piece, coupled with her eye for quality and authenticity, ensured that we acquired pieces that truly resonate with us. Seble's guidance made our collection not just aesthetically pleasing but also meaningful to us and our family." S.M.

"I am immensely grateful for the expertise and dedication Seble [Misgana African Art] brought in helping me navigate the world of African art. Her passion for the subject shone through in every recommendation she made, and her ability to source exceptional pieces exceeded my expectations. Thanks to Seble's guidance, I now have a collection that reflects me, my style, and the beauty of African artistry" K.K.

"Our journey in collecting classical African art was made seamless by our trusted art advisor, Seble [Misgana African Art]. Her in-depth knowledge of the art market paired with her expertise in the diversity of African art allowed us to make informed decisions with confidence. Seble did extensive research on pieces, shared comps, and provided honest feedback on what to acquire and how much to spend. Each acquisition was a testament to her expertise and commitment to helping us curate a collection that tells a story. She is big on how you can tell a story through your collection! Seble's personalized approach and attention to detail truly elevated our collecting experience, and we couldn't be happier. We highly recommend working with her!" - L.W. & R.L.

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