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This stunning Antelope Kurumba Headdress from Burkina Faso is a remarkable work of art. Kurumba headdresses have served as offerings and prayers to ancestors and have been integral to honorific performances. They were revered as portable altars or displayed on existing altars within ancestral spirit houses in family compounds. When worn during performances, they were placed on top of the wearer's head like crests. The design intricately captures the features of antelopes, accentuating their slender horns, necks, and snouts. Adorned with vibrant geometric patterns in ocher brown, red, yellow, and kaolin pigments, these headdresses are a testament to Kurumba craftsmanship. Residing primarily in the northern regions of Burkina Faso, the Kurumba people are renowned for their mastery in pottery, weaving, and mask-making

Kurumba Headdress (Burkina Faso)

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  • 45in x 22in x 10in

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