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This Mende Bundu mask, also known as the Sowei mask, is a distinctive type of mask used by the Mende people of Sierra Leone, particularly in initiation ceremonies for young women. These masks typically feature an elongated face with a high forehead, narrowed eyes, and a small mouth. The mask is often adorned with scarification marks, representing beauty and maturity in Mende culture. Additionally, these masks may have elaborate coiffures made of human or synthetic hair, symbolizing the ideals of femininity and grooming, such as the one depicted here. The overall appearance of the Bundu mask exudes a sense of serene beauty and wisdom, reflecting the cultural significance of womanhood and initiation rituals in Mende society.

Mende/Bundu Mask (Sierra Leone)

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  • 15in (mask only) / 26in (mask + raffia) x 13in

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